Cedar Point Cat's Meow Gemini Shelf Sitter

Cedar Point Cat's Meow Gemini Shelf Sitter

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 It’s fast vs. faster in this game of dueling coasters. No matter the day’s horoscope, riders will feel the twin cars energetic and quick-witted personalities thrive as they ride racing for the win. Gemini riders will choose between team red or team blue before racing side-by-side through all kinds of drops, twists and turns. The steel track + wood structure combo promises to bring relentless competition that guarantees 2 minutes and 40 seconds of a good time. Red and blue trains travel parallel next to one another – complete with smack talk coming from both competitors, and it all starts straight from the station and up the 125-foot climb before dropping into hills that prove whose fastest. These twins have been racing since 1978, and the record still isn’t settled. It always ends in a close call. It’s only when the twins come back together after helices that anyone can be crowned victorious. It’s a good thing that victory isn’t determined by who finished first, but who has more fun.

Made in Ohio by Cat's Meow. Each Cat's Meow shelf sitter is colorfully printed on 3/4" thick wood and provides details on the back. 

Can you spot Casper? The Cat's Meow mascot is hiding in every piece. 

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