Cedar Point Gemini Red Canvas Art

Cedar Point Gemini Red Canvas Art

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Upgrade your walls with this eye-catching canvas art! Our Gemini Canvas Art featuring retro advertisements for the coaster is perfect for creating a retro vibe in any room - the choice is yours with a bright red or blue option. Hang it up and bring some style to your space!

It’s fast vs. faster in this game of dueling coasters. No matter the day’s horoscope, riders will feel the twin cars energetic and quick-witted personalities thrive as they ride racing for the win. Gemini riders will choose between team red or team blue before racing side-by-side through all kinds of drops, twists and turns. These twins have been racing since 1978, and the record still isn’t settled. It always ends in a close call. It’s only when the twins come back together after helices that anyone can be crowned victorious. It’s a good thing that victory isn’t determined by who finished first, but who has more fun.

Dimensions: 12" x 8"


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