Knott's Berry Farm Candy Parlour Collectible Pin

Knott's Berry Farm Candy Parlour Collectible Pin

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No trip to Knott's Berry Farm is complete without a visit to the Candy Parlour. When it opened in December 1959, the Candy Parlour had a fancy 1890s façade inspired by the designs of Otheto Wilson. The exterior was painted in bright colors and gingerbread trim, and its interior was red and gold with white marble counters. Claude Bell painted portraits of Walter and Cordelia Knott, which were featured front and center. Visible through large windows from the sales floor, guests could watch expert candy makers in the process of whipping up chocolates, taffy, suckers, brittles, and turtles, as well as seasonal chocolate Easter eggs and Christmas candy canes. Taffy, the St. Bernard who stood guard out front, was a popular photo spot for guests. Grab one of these sweet limited-edition pins before they vanish like a box of chocolates!

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